Who To Vote For

It should be a simple answer – turf out the present government if you don’t like it, or keep it going if you do, and vote for it accordingly. This time around though, a lot of people don’t much like the government we have, so they want to make sure it’s on the way out. Question is – what is the smart way to make that happen?
So much of this year’s campaigning has been low blow skirmishing, trading of insults and fulminating about personalities that basic electoral aims have somehow gone all askew. Greedy appetites are showered with grandiose promises of billions here and billions there, and nary a mention that grandkids only will have to pay for them. The political cycle rolls merrily on – only those who promise the most can get elected; those daring to cut back costs of services gain only instant vilification.
Whether party leaders have sunk or shone in the public eye, the ultimate voting decision should come down to the basics that matter most: Do I want the Liberals to stay in office, or do I not?
Only the Conservatives, despite their share of blemishes, offer any real alternative. NDP has strong but limited support. Greens even more so. Scattering votes too broadly lessens the chance of turfing out the incumbents.
Keep your eye on the endgame, please!

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