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Just a quiet dinner out marks a notable milestone for this family Рthe 50th anniversary of moving into out modest South Keys bungalow on May 28, 1968. There was nothing but mud covering the building lot surface as we gingerly stepped on rough boardwalk leading up to the front door. Not a blade of grass, nor any other kind of vegetation  was anywhere to be seen, and only a handful of neighbours. Our house was among the first group to be built in this new Campeau development. We were in fact the fifth family to move into South Keys, and the third on our street and, as some have moved on, we may have lived here longer than anyone else.

home sweet home 1968

home sweet home 1968

But we remember well that first day, moving in with a small apartment’s worth of furniture and two young children, though there was one consolation. The actual move didn’t cost us a lot. We had ferried a lot of stuff from our Henry Farm Drive garden home by car in previous days. Saving the big stuff until the last day, we hired a U-Haul trailer which was hitched to our bumper, paying the princely sum of $8.03 for eight hours use. Good friends pitched in with the heavy lifting of fridge, stove, washer and bedroom furniture, so the job was done in three or four trips.

Outside the house was far from ideal, surrounded by masses of that gunky mud caked with the disastrous leda clay that undermines so much of the local landscape. Kids being kids, however, made the best of it in outdoor play by grabbing up gobs of the stickier stuff to fashion crude but imaginative sculptural creations. Topsoil, front lawn sodding and other improvements followed eventually, while settling in chores whiled away a busy but enjoyable first year. Then barely within city limits, the south end community has bloomed into one of the capital’s more desirable neighbourhoods.



4 thoughts on “Something to Celebrate

  1. Lee Parpart

    Ron says he has a memory of walking up a ramp to get into the house. Might be one of his earliest memories, seeing as he was three and two months when you moved in. Great blog post. Wish I could see pics of 3-yr-old Ron and 8-yr-old Dianne caked in mud after playing outdoors!

    1. Nix Post author

      Thanks Lee. Sorry we have no muddy kids pictures but I have found a few old letters in which I told my folks some of our adventures after we moved in here. Will put something together and send it along. How is that skinny little doggie doing?

  2. Thomas (Tom) Rissesco

    It is wonderful to look back and have those happy memories. I t means
    also —-we are still here –THANK GOD an that makes even better.
    although we hated to see you leave N. L.
    Hey , this is a very nice Blog !


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