Mailing is Failing

Canada Post boxes

As a medium of communications, the old fashioned snail mailing of letters can be worth trying, but here’s one example of how unproductive it can be.

Keen to promote awareness of the booklet “The Waddens: A Family History” which I self published early this year, I decided to try a mail out to every Wadden name I could find in Canada Post listings. It came to just over 100, for all of which I included postal codes. They were scattered across the country, with the largest single block in Cape Breton. One full month later, here is the score: four positive responses, all of which resulted in a booklet sale, for which I am most grateful; but as many as 19 have been returned to date by Canada Post. Some were indicated as moved or unknown, while many addresses were shown as incomplete. Returned letters trickled in, one as late as yesterday.

Lessons to be learned from this exercise :
1) my booklet is no best seller
2) Waddens aren’t great readers
2) Canada Post address listings are sadly out of date
3) Snail mailing of letters is a lot more obsolete than I ever imagined.

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