Lost Weekend – Without TV

blank TV Set

Memories of olden days when family grouped around the fire place, digesting supper and listening to evening news on the standup cabinet radio, came flooding back on Hallowe’en weekend. Just idle thoughts really, brought on by an unexpected and quite unprecedented event – we had no TV to watch.


Think of it! Five nights running with no television to while away those leisure hours, reclining snugly in lazy boy comfort before images of nightly news, serial drama (Chicago Fire, Midsomer Murder, Paradise Island, Murdoch Mystery), and humour (Still Standing, Doc Martin, Stephen Colbert).
Daytime TV is rarely viewed in our house, except maybe for golf, CNN and Canadian news channels. Computers get far more attention. But evening hours are TV times, so a blank screen is seldom seen.
Doing without it, while strange, has its compensations. More time for reading – books, that is, not just crosswords and sudokus.
Even dug out the old Scrabble Game and kept at it all one evening.
Cause of it all was apparently some fatal disorder in a Bell Fibe wireless receiver. Consultation with knowledgeable and courteous Bell staff tracked down the source and an order was placed for delivery of a replacement unit. Thankfully received Monday and skillfully installed by my 80 plus wonder woman spouse, it did the trick, and our wide screen TV is back in business.


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