Isles of the Aegean

Cruising around such Greek islands as Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Mykonos during our epic 1997 tour of Greece was a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience. Early November wasn’t ideal timing for soaking up the Mediterranean sun, but it beat dodging snow showers. The good ship Stella Oceanis was mercifully not big as cruise ships go, but the sailing went well, the food was great and the service was just fine..
The great island of Crete, renowned for its historical prominence and unique cultural identity, was our first island visited. Just enough time to explore the Palace of Knossus and the Heraklion Archeological Museum.

Cretan artwork


From Crete we sailed on to Santorini which fully lived up to its reputation for scenic beauty and overall charm. Volcanic eruptions destroyed the island’s centre, leaving it arc shaped. It is a favourite of honeymooners.








Next port of call was the intriguing island of Rhodes where we were treated to the historic highlights of the city of Rhodes and the enchanting features of Lindos.

In Rhodes we strolled along the cobbled central roadway flanked by imposing medieval buildings.


Breath taking views abounded along the narrow laneways of Lindos, highlighted by ascending the steps into the Temple of Athenia Lindia.

Next time: Mykonos, Patmos

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