Her Name is Sookie!



She is only shut in a cage in down times of puppy training but doesn’t mind it a bit. And, in spite of Newfoundland connotations of her name, she is no cry baby, though she has been known to enjoy a little bark now and then.
Her doggie heritage is strictly Westie, with all the cuteness embodied in that breed. A west highland white terrier of Scottish origins, she lives in Toronto with her proud owner, our precious granddaughter Bridget.
About her name which, in a dotage rather than doting moment I earlier misnamed, young Sookie may not be pleased to learn of its down east repute. Here is how it’s listed (albeit in slightly different spelling) in Canada’s only regional dialect reference book, the Dictionary of Newfoundland English: “sooky (a for adjective): “whining, petulant, jealous…a sooky baby is a cry-baby”. The term “sook” is tagged as ‘a babyish child.”
Remembering these terms from childhood caused some hesitancy on my part in embracing the Sookie name, but a first glance at the bundle of fur in the flesh erased any such misgivings. This joyful and playful new arrival gives the lie to all that ancient verbiage.
Can’t wait to see her again, uncaged and rarin’ to go!

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