Dog Sled Races Remembered

Sled Dogs Race on Byron Avenue

As newcomers to Ottawa in the mid 1960s, getting used to the extreme chilliness of winter was an early struggle, but had its compensations. The best of them was perhaps the welcoming atmosphere of the Ottawa Winter Carnival, with its myriad of activities around the city. Places of business lent ready support, encouraging residents to emerge from family hearths to become part of the festivities.

One activity that attracted hordes of spectators was the Annual Dog Sled Races held within the charming east-west thoroughfare of Byron Avenue.

Participants started off near Parkdale Avenue and raced westward to Britannia. The race course was apparently on an abandonned streetcar track. Viewing the start of the race was a big thrill for youngsters and oldsters alike. These photos show the scene 52 years ago in 1968.









Soon after seeing the dog sled derby, we got a chance to watch another popular winter pastime in that era, the annual Motor Cycle Ice Races on Dow’s Lake.

Joining us at the time, though not in the photo, was Bob Moss, my one time VOCM news reporter buddy who was in Ottawa covering the Press Gallery for the St. John’s Evening Telegram. He later became Editor of the Gander Beacon.

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