Devil’s Jackstone Coated with Dogberries!

Brief as it was, an enjoyable fall visit to Newfoundland yielded a chance to stop by a Kelligrews landmark modestly resting by the side of the Conception Bay Highway. Local people have long regarded it with awe as one of the Devil’s Jackstones. Tradition holds that five of them adorn the landscape in the Kelligrews area. Largest and most spectacular of them all is the giant boulder lying at the water’s edge on the beach close to Pond Road in Kelligrews.

A third jackstone can reportedly be found on Seal Cove Beach and a fourth lies on wooded land close to Holloway Place in what used to be called Lower Gullies. Location of a fifth Jackstone has yet to be found.

The highway-bordering stone squats partly on private land on the north side of the road not far from the Lawrence Pond Road. Snugly bordered by colourful dogberry trees, the great rock resembles perhaps an apian ancestor blithely surveying the steady flow of traffic. Straggling a fence line, it likely gains little attention from by passing motorists. A little blue pin presumably identifies the rock for the geologist fraternity – perhaps they can share what it says.

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One thought on “Devil’s Jackstone Coated with Dogberries!

  1. Daphne Greenslade

    I practically grew up with these jackstones, albeit, while watching my friends climb them, I could never master the “sport”. My brothers loved climbing the oceanside jackstone, and this site will be the sprinkling site of my dear belated brother’s ashes.


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