PM in action

PM in action

What makes a public speaker go wrong?

How about a tendency to intersperse spoken words with that most tentative of hesitations – an “ah.”

It is a significant pause in delivery, occasioned usually by the speaker’s inability to project his thoughts far enough ahead to deliver a complete sentence.

Well may it be a totally unconscious habit which the speaker has not thought to correct. Or one that his family and friends have refrained from bringing to his attention.

A trait forgivable perhaps within family circles, but hardly tolerable in a public figure.

Like, say, the Prime Minister of Canada.

Especially one who appears almost hourly in one public dais or another from coast to coast and beyond.

Yet, hearken ye acolytes to what the Justin voice projects before the public ear!

Listen closely when he speaks off the cuff to reporters or to audiences great and small.

Just count how many “ahs” punctuate his vocabulary in a delivery otherwise quite articulate.

Whether one is fan or foe, hearing such oratorical no-nos from the lips of a country’s leader gives one pause – no pun intended!

The “ahs” in his unscripted utterances, once you begin to notice them, become totally distracting.

Maybe all he needs is someone bold enough to warn him off his hesitating habit.

Or, perhaps – dare we say it – tell him to take a lesson on the dos and don’ts of public speaking?

It’s – ah – never too late!


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