A Step Away From Facebook

Given all the controversy about Facebook and its alarming reach into the minutiae of our private lives, I find myself sitting on the fence, reluctant to do anything drastic but wary of big brother’s messing around with my personal data.

One step I have just taken, however, is to dismantle my so called Author Page – the one with the whiskery image – on my Facebook account. This is not so much a partial FB withdrawal as a recognition of the futility of promoting a book – my Gower Street memoir – that, despite early promise, failed to attract sufficient buyers to persuade the publisher to keep it on the market. While I have kept a small supply of copies on hand for private sale, there is no point in maintaining this would-be marketing site. It didn’t do a lot of marketing for me. Some good, though, resulted from Facebook references to my Wadden Family History booklet released last March, with a second print run underway.

Doing the deed of closing down my Author Page was simpler and quicker than I expected, and for that I am grateful. Saving the contents leaves me with a useful record of the experience begun in 2015. A full set of my postings came to 61 pages. Much of the content involved sharing of blogs from my website http://www.nixwadden.ca/wp/ Doing so used to be a simple process, forwarding e-mails of each blog to Facebook, but problems arose when WordPress stopped sending blogs by email and Facebook not only ceased to accept blog sharing on timelines, but stymied sharing with groups in some unaccountable ways. Blogging efforts have gained less than world shaking response anyway, so closing time in that regard is fast approaching.

I shall continue using my main Facebook site for its undoubted value in keeping in touch with relatives and friends despite misgivings on several counts. I have utterly no intention of indulging in advertising, and I cringe increasingly at the preponderance of advertising on what is supposed to be my timeline and close by on every page I happen to look at. Beyond that, perhaps I am not alone in wasting many hours in endless scrolling to find items of interest to me among torrents of trivialities, cutesy animal videos, and other banal offerings from around the globe.

But enough of rant rage. Let’s stay the course for six months, say, and, in the words of Mr. Banality himself, we’ll see how it goes!


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