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New Blog on the Block…

It is supposed to be as easy as falling off a log.

Starting off a blog, that is.

Or so the dummies books all seem to say, before they doddle off into geek talk.

So here’s taking them at their word, and let us see how it goes.

Almost 30 years ago, the first computer made its debut in my corner, the basement level niche reserved for desk, file-crammed cabinets, boxes of books, slide carousels, print binders and sundry paraphernalia accumulated over the decades.

A prestige brand name – IBM PC (personal computer), albeit with an apologetic modifier, Junior. Only $699, plus colour monitor, printer, etc. for a grand total of just over $1,800.

PCjr with Monitor

IBM PCjr with Monitor

The impressive boxed package was proudly brought home, set down – and stayed there for some months, unopened, until the lady of the house took charge, studied the installation instructions, and had the system up and running at last. And has been the family computer figure-outer ever since.

One of Junior’s first effective products was the 1995 Christmas letter, heralding the arrival of this newfangled invention with the admission that: To three-fingered typists like father here, the flawless result flashing up on the screen all too frequently masks a succession of instant corrections, clearly the most welcome and essential function this magic machine is called upon to perform.

 Among surviving remnants of early career indulgence in up-to-the-minute live radio journalism in Newfoundland are manual type-written news bulletins laden with xxx-ed over copy dumped before an announcer’s eyes. Images haunt me still of harried news reader Denys Ferry glaring malevolently at me while flawlessly reading the tattered text. So glad it was not on live TV!

IBM Junior’s initial 128k of user memory served adequately well, with subsequent upgrades, until more powerful systems took its place, and proved a satisfying launch into an enchanting, sometimes bewildering, new communications world. And that gets mesmerizingly more complex yet fascinating day by day, hour by hour, yea, even millisecond by millisecond.

Birthing of a blog doubtless needs to show what it is about, however hazy that may appear.

The best word for it that comes to mind is Rambling.

 Pocket Oxford dictionary’s deft definition puts it simply as irregularly arranged, straggling.

Ramble itself comes out as Walk for pleasure; talk in desultory or incoherent or irrelevant way; let one’s thoughts wander.

Don’t much like the second interpretation, but the others are spot on.

Hence, rambling in this fledgling blog aims to wander about, touching on whatever comes to mind in seldom serious contemplation of life’s passing parade.

Sometimes actual rambling – thoughts and recollections, with visuals, upon travels near and far.

Or maybe just happenings of the day, round and about, wherever.

Leaning to the lighter side, with doblets of whining and wondering about life’s more ludicrous preoccupations.

So let’s ramble on, and see where fancy takes us.